Comparison Pacquaio, Marquez and Mayweather Boxing Tricks

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A report came after Top Rank’s Bob Arum revealed that American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had turned down a $65 million offer from a Singaporean group to fight Pacquiao.
--well.. even if all the people in the world will contribute 1 dollar each for a Pacquaio - mayweather fight, mayweather will still duck it out. She's a coward u know..

10 of Manny Pacquiao's best boxing tricks, offensive and defensive boxing skills from his fight with Antonio Margarito at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium on November 13, 2010.
Boxing Tricks in order:
1. Tap Block, Tap Jab
2. Right Hook Over Left Jab
3. One-Legged Lead Left
4. Double-Left Sneak
5. Triangle Guard
6. Left Step, Left Cross
7. Vertical Jab
8. Forearm Defense
9. Rear Overhand Left
10. Left High, Left Low

Whoever identify these as tricks is full of crap. A part of a fighter's preparation is watching videos of other fighters identifying their strengths and weaknesses and if this is your analysis of Floyd you will lose before you enter the ring. these are no tricks idiot you moron, you clearly havent boxed; every boxer does these things, this is not what gives Floyd his edge. You just pissed me off with this poor poor poor list...I see no tricks here you fool

10 of Floyd Mayweather's best boxing tricks, offensive and defensive boxing skills from his fight with Shane Mosley in May 2010. 
Boxing Tricks in order:
1. High Elbow Block
2. Head Pull
3. Shoulder Roll
4. High Guard, Drop-Jab
5. Forearm Crush
6. Leaning Right aka "pull counter"
7. Opening Guard
8. Push Tactics
9. Head & Hooks
10. Slap Hook on the Inside aka "check hook"

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