Ronaldinho kissed by fan during match

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Everyone on here bashing soccer, the world cup, and ronaldinho or just for the sake of coming on here because you have no life and want to bash anything non american b my guest. if you were a rational human being maybe you could enjoy soccer since the majority of americans enjoy calling soccer a sport when u invest millions of dollars into a guy named tiger who banged half the country and hits a little golf ball or into douches who play the american game by hitting a little baseball and rounding little bases. I mean please, if you really wanna watch a sport, watch something in which people move and have some form of athletic talent rather than sitting in an outfield with half a puck of tobacco in their mouths. Go bash sports you know about, not ones you hate simply because the USA won't b a powerhouse because its not our sport and as any smart american knows, we dont like things that arent ours or dont dominate. So just shut up and continue being the mindless population who have nothing to do with their lives but bash soccer.

That is nice of him to let a fan do that, it shows how appreciative he is. I guess he didn't really expect the kiss but at the same time he didn't want to push the guy away because the guy would feel bad.

That second guard was late as heck, the guy was almost off the field. Was the guy trying to attack the security guard or run away? Nooo.(At least..from my view). Man, that second one needs a smack upside the head.
He probably felt like Superman soaring through the air like it felt good. I feel bad for the fan though Man that's one die hard fan. Haha, what's with people running out on the fields more now?

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