The Super Bowl - Cardinals 51-Packers 45:

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The wild finish to today's game made me think if 49ers fans be cheering for the Cardinals to win it all? This has absolutely nothing to do with being able to say the 49ers beat the Super Bowl champs twice. As far as I'm concerned, that's fairly meaningless. If the Vikings or Colts win the Super Bowl, we could say the 49ers almost beat the Super Bowl champs.

Accorgin to the news, Kurt Warner is going to retire this season. Rumors floated since the concussion earlier this season. It has just as much value. It has me thinking that a Super Bowl win would be the kind of thing that would make it easier for Kurt Warner to walk away. Obviously he already has a Super Bowl ring, but being able to walk away on top certainly would make the ending a lot easier.

I also know that maybe it takes us one step closer to a Kurt Warner-free NFC West.

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