CES 2010 Cool Innovations and Products

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CES 2010 reveal the coolest laptops and gadget ever. New laptops unleashed like green laptop, hybrid laptop, dual screen laptop, movable screen laptops, smallest gaming laptops, hybrid storage.

CES 2010 Reveals:
This revamped Netbooks not only looks green (with a translucent green layer over its white base color), but it also is green, thanks to a body comprised of approximately 23 percent recycled CDs and DVDs. Even the case it ships in is made of recycled PET beverage bottles.

Alienware M11x. In a form approaching Netbook size, this 11.6-inch laptop comes packed an Nvidia GT335M GPU, ULV processor, and 1,366x768 display. That makes it the most gamer-friendly system of this size we've ever seen, and an interesting new direction for Alienware.

Asus NX90
Looking to break away from the standard rules of laptop design, Asus has teamed with Danish consumer electronics maker Bang & Olufsen to create a slick-looking multimedia system that has two separate touch pads, situated on either side of the keyboard. Useful? Perhaps. But undoubtedly one of the most interesting designs at the show.

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