Pacquiao Won! Diaz a beaten history..

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Go for the fifth crown Manny!

Pacquiao (47-3-2, 35 KOs) dethroned WBC lightweight titleholder David Diaz (34-2-1, 17 KOs) via ninth round KO in a brilliant display. Pacquiao was much quicker as he outpunched and outboxed the naturally bigger man. Diaz was busted up by Pacman's sharp punching and it was target practice by round five. The gutsy Diaz kept coming, however, until Pacquiao floored him in the ninth to end it. Time was 2:24.

Haton is probably the next in line. You are the living hero for the Filipinos. Manny Pacquiao proved to the world the Philippines pride deserves the fourth crown in the four division of boxing after devastating David "Dangerous" Diaz in the 9 round at 2:24.

Pacquiao is horrendous fighter in his four division titles, hopefully we are looking forward for the next in line "Haton".

After the devastation of the Typhoon Frank in the Philippines, Pacman proves to the world that his fists has the power to knockout the Mexican fighters. Barrera, Morales, Marquez, Diaz are all down.

Go Pacman!

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