Hacking friendster

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Hacking Friendster Passwords!

The program normally would read your login name find your password with
functions setup by friendster and re-email
it to you. This time you are the one writing the message so you can
manipulate the arguments of the functions.
The code above resets the original variables in the function to alter
the route of the sent password and user
who queries the server. Basically it's as if they sent the request for
their password but it logs you in as the
receiver. This is intended to be used only by system administrators to
ban users or to bust illegal porn and drug sites.
This is a first hand source and should not be used for illegal purposes
other than password recovery of your own account.
Any unlawful activity is your own responsibility and no one else. Note
that if incorrectly sent (either login or syntax)
the message is not replied to and due to the thousands of emails sent
to the address each day it's not moderated by an

You can view the Friendster private photos too!

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