Debt Settlement

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Many of us are not aware that there are more options available for debt relief than just debt consolidation. Debt settlement offers a way for you to negotiate with your creditors and make your debt more manageable without taking out another loan. This article offers a quick guide to debt settlement and negotiation.

Serious debt is a serious nightmare. Even though nearly all of us are knee-deep in debt, most of us are mystified by the debt settlement process. Debt settlement has many names, including debt negotiation or debt arbitration. Debt settlement is similar to debt consolidation, another option for getting your head above water and paying off your debts, but not completely the same. With debt consolidation, you are putting all of your debts into one big one. You are actually taking out a new loan to pay the old ones. The advantage is that it makes your debt manageable, lowers interest rates and puts you on a schedule that you can handle. Debt settlement also makes your debt manageable and reduces interest rates, but it has one great advantage over debt consolidation: successful debt negotiation will actually lower the amount of your debt by as much as 50% or 60%. This is why it is a better option for most people than debt consolidation.

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