Daughter Was Dad's Sex Slave For 24 Years, Bore 7 Children

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Amstetten, Austria (CNN) - People in Amstetten, Austria are horrified by what has been going on under their noses for more than two decades.

A 42-year-old woman claims that she was held captive by her own father for 24 years, raped many times and bore him at least seven children. The victim says her now 73-year-old father (identified as Josef F.) kept her chained in the basement since she was 18.

She claims there are rooms underneath their house, cellar rooms in which she was forced to stay with her three children, never seeing daylight, and only getting food and clothing when the father wanted to.

Three of the children were taken away by the man who legally adopted them. They played on the lawn as their mother and three siblings were held captive under the house.

All of this came to light because one of the children, now 19-years-old, had to be taken to the hospital because she was in very grave condition. Doctors started asking questions about whom the mother of this person is and that̢۪s how they found the 73-year-old man and the captives in the cellar rooms underneath the house.

The authorities say the man has led them to the cellar rooms and he has opened the cellar rooms which can only be opened by an electronic lock. The cellar rooms are very small, very dark and very damp.

The man is in custody and this is still an ongoing investigation.


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