How To Create a DIY Fan Effect (Fireworks)

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Since 2017 is almost here I would like to share the DIY tips on how to create your own Fan Fireworks Effect using consumer grade fireworks cake (tubes). Please refer to the image and steps below.

Please note that fireworks, pyrotechnic, black powder are explosives devices and dangerous. Please be careful. Don't proceed if you lack knowledge with pyrotechnic and black powder. I wont be held liable for your own mistake. 

To start with, here are the necessary tools and materials that you'll need:
1. quick fuse
2. visco fuse
3. single shot tubes (taken from consumer cake)
4. tape
5. cutter and scissors
6. glue or hot glue
7. electric match (remote firing)

So here are the materials and tools:

Arrange the fireworks tube in fan shape (V or W shape according to your desire effect). I used 5 tubes in fan formation below:

Link all the tubes using the visco fuse. Be carfeulll when punching holes on the fast fuse. After adding the fast fuse connect it to visco (green fuse) and electric match. Please protect the bottom/base with plastic tape against moist, dew and mild rain. Please check the complete setup below. 

Enjoy your holiday and have blast. This setup was customized to display this effect (Three Layer Fan Shape Effect with Blue Mine and Crackling Effect to Red Crossets with Timerain Effect). 

Here is the finished product! I will post the video of the show soon... This will be fired using remote firing with electric match in an open field.
Option 1. Small Fan Formation

Option 2. Wide Fan Formation

Unboxing and review of Haier Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mop

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I would like my produt review and testing of Haier Robotic Vacuum I purchase online.  A quality product of Haier Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. (China). Thanks to DHL for a fast shipping all the way from Hongkong.

Here are the accessories included.
1 Extras HEPA filter
1 Extra Cloth Mop
2 Extra Side brushes
1 Virtual Wall (no DC battery included)
1 Wall Charger (homebase)
1 Remote
1 Cleaning Brush

Please refer to the image below of the accessories included:

Virtual Wall

Extra Side Brushes

Cleaning Brush

Wall Charger / Home Dock

AC Charger

Extra High Absorbent Mop

Dust Bin with HEPA Filter

After initial run for the past 3 days, I am satisfied with the product. It works well and I can relax and do my other errands while my Haier Robotic Vacuum is doing its cleaning and mopping job. I will upload the video of the robotic vacuum here. Please check out the video of the docking, cleaning and and undocking the Haeir Robotic Vacuum.

DJI Drone Aerial Video - Phantom, Mavic, Inspire

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DJI Phantom 3 Aerial Video:

Up up and away... DJI phantom aerial imagery and video taken from pacific.